7-Day study plan to learn Statistics

A 7-day study plan from beginner to advanced level to learn 50+ concepts in statistics.

Basic Statistics: 2 Days

  1. What is Statistics And What are types of statistics?
  2. Introduction to probability
  3. Addition rule for probability
  4. Multiplication rule for probability
  5. Descriptive And Inferential Statistics
  6. Population and Sample
  7. Measure Of Central Tendency (Mean, Median, Mode)
  8. Measure Of Dispersion(Variance, Standard Deviation)
  9. Population Mean And Sample Mean
  10. What is a distribution and types of distributions?
  11. Sampling Method And Its Types
  12. What is a variable? and Random Variable?
  13. Variable measurement scales
  14. Frequency Distribution And Cumulative Frequency
  15. What is a histogram?
  1. Percentiles And Quantiles
  2. IQR — InterQuantileRange
  3. Box Plots
  4. What is PDF ?
  5. What is CDF?
  6. What is a kernel?
  7. What is kernel density estimation?
  8. What is skewness?
  9. Outliers and How to detect outliers
  10. When/How to remove outliers?
  11. Normal Distribution or Gaussian Distribution
  12. What is Empirical Formula?
  13. What is z-score?
  14. How to calculate z-score? and z-score table
  15. Standardization Vs Normalization
  16. Standard Normal Distribution
  17. Central Limit Theorem
  18. Chebyshev’s Inequality
  19. Covariance
  20. Covariance Matrix
  21. Pearson Correlation Coefficient
  22. Spearman Correlation Coefficient
  1. What are types of plots?
  2. QQ-Plot
  3. How to find if data is normally distributed?
  4. Log normal distribution
  5. Power law
  6. Pareto distribution
  7. What are transformations?
  8. Box-Cox transform
  9. Confidence Interval
  10. Type-I and Type-II errors
  11. One tailed and two tailed tests
  12. What is Hypothesis testing?
  13. What is p-value?
  14. What is alpha?
  15. What is critical value?
  16. What is statistical significance?
  17. What is a statistic?
  18. What is a statistic test?
  19. What is z-test and t-test?
  20. Process of hypothesis test design
  21. Analysis of variance (ANOVA)
  22. Chi-squared test
  23. What is causation?
  24. Causation vs Correlation
  25. What is conditional probability?
  26. Bayes’ theorem
  27. Binomial distribution and its applications
  28. Various sampling methods
  29. What is a statistic model?
  30. What is statistical inference?
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