Fear of the Dark – February 8

“And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:20

Were you ever afraid of the dark? A lot of kids are. There’s nothing harmful about darkness itself—it doesn’t make us wet; it doesn’t crush us; it doesn’t suck the oxygen out of the room. It only hides something that could hurt us. So when we’re afraid of the dark, we actually fear things that we imagine could be there. Turn on a nightlight and the fear melts away, because we can see when there is nothing to be afraid of.

Just like in the dark, fear and worry grow in uncertainty. If you don’t know anything about a new school, you might worry about your upcoming year. If a parent goes to the doctor, you might fear the worst. But worrying about the
future is like being scared of the dark—we’re afraid of things we imagine could happen. That’s when we turn on a nightlight. Jesus, the Light of the World, runs into the darkness to show us that there is nothing we need to worry about. God will shield us from any danger, and he will supply the strength and mercy to get through the worst.
So give up the fear and the worry. Hold onto him instead; he will take care of the rest.


Dear Lord, You are big enough and caring enough to take care of anything I’m anxious about. I would rather spend my time trusting in you than worrying about what could happen. Help me give up my fear, because I can’t do it alone. Amen.

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