Help Yourself – February 20

Nothing will be impossible for you. Matthew 17:20

What if you found a locked chest filled with more money than you could count? And what if you were then given a key and invited to take all of the riches you wanted, how much would you take? Would you consider taking one penny, closing the chest and then returning the key? Of course not! What if the treasure chest was filled with immeasurable talent—that whatever you chose to do, you could walk away with enough talent to be the very best the world has ever known? Would you consider taking the smallest amount and turning down the rest? Absurd!

We can have as much of God as we want. He has invited us to know all about him, to understand his ways and his thoughts. We can chat, share our secrets, be his friend, confide in him. We can depend on him to never betray us,
never leave us, know us completely and still love us. He can replace our worry with peace and replace our guilt with freedom.

Now that is treasure. You’re invited to have as much as you want. How much will you take?

Dear Lord, Thank you for who you are, and thank you for sharing all these divine possibilities with us. Help me walk closer with you so that I can share in the treasure you are. Amen.

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