It’s Under Control – February 1

This is what the Lord says: “Do not go up to fight against your brothers, the Israelites. Go home, every one of you, for this is my doing.” 1 Kings 12:24

When Jesus was unjustly arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, he was not panicked or even surprised. His entire life had a mission—to be sacrificed as the perfect lamb for all of our sins. But at the arrest even Jesus’ devoted disciples didn’t really get it. They didn’t understand that God’s plan was coming to its climax. They only saw their beloved Christ being betrayed, falsely accused, and treated criminally. And so one of them drew his sword in defense and cut off the ear of a soldier. Sounds pretty reasonable.

But Jesus, who understood the full picture, stopped the disciple and healed the soldier’s ear. Can you imagine the surprise of everyone standing near? When you face injustices, betrayals, or accidents, it’s reasonable to feel
intense emotions and ask unanswerable questions. But then you realize that the same Jesus who knew about his crucifixion to the last detail also knows every detail of your life. He’s not surprised. He’s not wondering what to do next. He is still the one who loved you enough to live and die for you. Isn’t there a sense of security in that knowledge—that God is not only all-knowing and all-powerful but all-loving?


Dear Lord, Thank you that we can rely on you, both because you know things we don’t and because you love us more than we can understand. When things look bleak to us, help us remember who you are and have peace. Amen.

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