Making Masterpieces – February 16

“I’ve afflicted you, Judah, true, but I won’t afflict you again…I’m cutting you free from the ropes of your bondage.” Nahum 1:12 

If you played with play dough when you were younger, you know how great it feels to mold and fashion a masterpiece. But play dough has no staying power. If you want a finished product to last, you have to graduate to real potter’s clay. And then the work begins. The clay has to be kneaded to soften it and get out bubbles. The piece also has to be painted with a dull glaze and then put into a firing kiln. Only after firing it will the bright colors come out and the piece become strong and durable. The entire process takes time, effort and intense heat.

God has been called a potter who molds us into masterpieces. With purposeful pressure and heat, he gives us shape and character. It takes time and energy, but he’s willing to spend it. After all he’s making something precious in
our soul.

Tough circumstances train us and make us strong. It is good to know that there is a limit to how much tough stuff he will allow. He knows just how much we can take before we might crack. When his purposes are accomplished, he
says, “Enough!” and it stops.

Dear Lord, Help me to trust you to know exactly what is good for me and exactly how much I can handle. Amen.

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