Millions of Possibilities – February 22

“Everything is possible for him who believes.” Mark 9:23

Everything? Sure, everything is possible for Superman or Spiderman or Batman, but for me? Yes, everything is possible for you—at least that’s what Jesus said. If we are going to believe what Jesus said, we have to believe it all and not just the parts we understand. Everybody knows you can’t walk on water, but Jesus did and he helped his friend Peter walk on water too. Everyone knows you can’t make a blind man see, but Jesus did it several times. And especially everyone knows you can’t raise someone from the dead, but Jesus specialized in resurrection.

So what’s happening in your life that seems impossible? “Im” (as in “impossible”) means “not,” so when we stick it on the front of the word “possible” we change the possible to the impossible. If you could only get rid of the “im” part of that word, you’d have “possible.” We need to knock “im” off the word impossible. The tool we must use to knock off “im” is the hammer of faith.

You might pray, “I believe. Jesus, help me to believe even more.”

God is mighty. He is all powerful. Superman, Spiderman, and Batman are all made up fictional characters, but God is real—and so is his son, Jesus Christ. What God wants to do most is help you turn impossibilities into possibilities.
Will you let him?

Dear Lord, In my head I know that nothing is impossible with you, but when it comes right down to the day-to-day living it out stuff, I’m not so sure. Will you help me with my faith so that I know all things are possible for me because I believe? Amen.

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