IB Mathematics: AI Probability and Statistics Resources


Unit 4 Probability and statistics

  • Collection of data and sampling
  • Presentation of data
  • Measures of central tendency and dispersion
  • Linear correlation of bivariate data
  • Probability and expected outcomes
  • Probability calculations
  • Discrete random variables
  • The binomial distribution
  • The normal distribution and curve
  • Further linear regression
  • Hypothesis testing


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**Please READ before purchasing**

Slides have been tested on a PC and a Mac. Quicktime, as well as Powerpoint versions newer than 2003, are needed to use the timers through PowerPoint. If you do not have PPT with Quicktime you can use the Google Slides version.

MOST slides have questions on skill practice and IB-style questions.  

This is a copyrighted product, that can be used for classroom teaching purposes!


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