Ready for Action, Ready for Service – February 2

In the shadow of his hand he hid me; he made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in his quiver.
Isaiah 49:2

In our time there are a few people who use bows and arrows for hunting, but most people who shoot arrows do it as a sport. These athletes—called archers— compete to hit the center of a three-ring target called a bulls-eye. In Bible times arrows were not just for games, they were an essential part of a warrior’s equipment. His life and the lives of others depended on his skill with a bow and arrow. Arrows were carefully made and were kept in a long slender container known as a “quiver.” The warrior carried the quiver on his shoulder so that he could quickly reach back, grab an arrow, and in one motion have it in the bow and on its way to defeat the enemy.

God wants us to be like arrows in his quiver. That means he keeps us very close to him so that he can quickly send us out to do his work in the world. What is that work? It might take different forms for different people, but there are two things God wants all of us to do: to love him and to love others. Even on days when we may not feel like we’re doing much for God, we are doing very important work when we love God and love others.

Maybe you feel as if you are stuck in a dark quiver and not much is happening. Maybe you wish you could just fly out on your own. But God has a plan and he wants you to stay close to him and be ready to do his work—to show your love for him by loving others. He’ll call on you when he needs you.


Dear Lord, I want to be an arrow in your hands. I want you to use me to do your work in the world. Please help me stay ready and help me to stay close. Thank you for loving me and for using me to show your love to others. Amen.

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