Yes, I Can! – February 13

Joshua said to the house of Joseph…You are numerous and very powerful. You will have not only one allotment but the forested hill country as well. Clear it, and its farthest limits will be yours. Joshua 17:17-18

When the Israelite leader Joshua was handing out land to each tribe of Israel, he gave more land to the family of Joseph. He told them, “You are the ones who can conquer the hill country that is full of forests and natural resources.” He was handing them a great opportunity—a land full of natural resources. But the decision to actually go fight and conquer the high country was up to them. They could fight till then won or they could waste the opportunity.

The world we live in today is full of opportunities. There are opportunities for you to become a scientist, musician, athlete, teacher, doctor, pastor, and researcher. We have unlimited opportunities to do more and be more than any
generation who has ever lived. But to take advantage of those opportunities we have to work hard, study hard, and keep going.


Dear Lord, Sometimes it’s easier to focus on what I don’t have than what I do have. You have entrusted me with gifts and talents and resources. Help me to live up to the potential you have given me. Give me the energy and motivation I need to make the most of all the opportunities you bring my way. Amen.

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